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September 26, 2023

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Beautiful Charade (Deep ElmRecords)

By: Alex Steininger

Camber is a powerful dose of emo-core mixed with pop-rock, to form beautiful hooks and catchy melodies you will find yourself humming. Back that up with some powerful vocals and strong song writing, and you have Camber.

The CD starts out "Hollowed-Out." From the opening catchy guitar, to the addictive chorus, this song is sure to be an album stand out. Half way through the song they change the chords and at first it seemed to be a new track, but then they go back to the part that got you hooked in the first place. Also, on further listens, the change in the pace seems like a nice addition to the song. Track two, "First," starts out with some standard rock fuzz guitar, and then when the drums and bass enter, the song is set up. When vocals enter the melody gets lighter and the vocals set the pace. A lighter song than the first, with softer vocals. It contrasts the previous song nicely and lets you relax a bit. Track three, the title track, starts out with the hooks and catchy guitar which will get you addicted to Camber. A very mellow, laid back track. A soft, gentle song with a lot of feeling. Track four speeds up the pace a little bit. Fast and aggressive. The vocals start yelling, but then it hits the chorus and gets soft and gentle. But it picks up the pace and changes its pace again and again. "Odds & Ends," starts out mellow, but with a flicker of time, it ups it's tempo. Then it calms down a bit, and picks up. These are the hooks and tempo changes you will fall in love with. If Camber is one thing, they are infectious. They know how to write a good pop song full of hooks and emotions. Track eight, "Question Marks, "starts out aggressive, gets soft to put some emotion in your mind, and kicks back up. Track nine, "Sever," is the final track on the CD. They end the CD with a very mellow song, with the main focal point being the vocals. Thirty four minutes of power pop/emo-core for your ears!

Camber is a very infection band, and "Beautiful Charade," is proof of it. After one listen you will be left wanting more, and after a few more listens, the CD will attach to you like gum in the carpet. I have to give this CD an A. It could have used a few more tracks (nine just isn't enough of these guys.) But other than the shortage of tracks, the CD shines!

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