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July 17, 2024

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Bitch Bitch Bitch (Dill Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Rudiments are a blend of fast and furious punk rock mixed in with ska and some heavy metal. Fast, loud, and painfully powerful are the only way to describe Rudiments music. It doesn't make blood rush to your head with its speed, your heart has a problem pumping blood.

The CD starts off with "Lil' Blast." When the song starts, your adrenaline starts. The drums furiously pound, while the guitar plays fast and faster before eventually slowing down and throwing some hooks into the mix. The vocals aren't perfectly clear, but they blend with the music terrifically. The bass solo kicks off another fast frenzy, before it eventually slows down again. "No Future" starts it off big, and then they throw some nice ska riffs. But their ska only lasts a minute before it goes fast again. This process repeats itself and throws all it's anger in your face. You'll be so consumed with this song, you won't know what to do. The fierce rivalry between the punk and the ska in the song make this an album standout. "Terror in the Heartland" starts it off with some very hooky guitar riffs that will hook you from the beginning. As your body bobs to the riffs the rough vocals come in and add a mean flavor to the song. The song is pretty slow compared to some of the more furious songs on the album, but it does some have bursts of speed in it. The title track is a trip through speed, anger, and distortion. The fury of the song doesn't quite translate, though. It eventually sounds like just a bunch of noise. "Humping the Underdog" is just a bunch of solo drumming. There is a time and place for everything, and that was not the time or the place. If it had been a hidden track, it would have been worked into the CD better. As it stood, it was just a waste of time. The CD ends with "For Good." A melodic, fast punk rock song. It's sure to get your heart beating, once again. But the vocals on this song take away from the music itself. The vocals just seem louder in the mix, and it doesn't come across as well as some of the other tracks. But wait, the CD isn't really over "for good." They throw an extra track your way. A nice, ska-punk track. Possibly the best track on the album. And saving it until the end (and throwing it on as an extra track) gives us a good note to end the CD on.

Rudiments have power when they want it, and flounder when they try to over do it. After listening to the first few tracks for the first time you'll be hooked, but then as the album progresses you'll need to listen to the album more and more to get the same effect you did with the first few songs. But after you have experienced this album enough, you'll fall in love with it's power and aggression. I'll give this one a B.

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