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July 14, 2024

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Mike Patton
Pranzo Oltranzista

By: Jeff Zima

Most aren't familiar with the "experimental" music scene, but they should be. I hate labeling music or limiting it by putting it into categories, but somehow "experimental" fits. "Pranzo Oltranzista" is different from Patton's previous solo effort "Adult Themes For Voice." "Themes" was Patton by himself doing sound-effects with mouth and microphone (with I imagine other means as well) and reaching beyond the imagination. "Pranzo" is Patton with musicians including Erik Friedlander on cello, Marc Ribot on guitar, William Winant doing percussion (who has worked with Patton before with Mr. Bungle) and John Zorn playing alto sax (who is beyond legend and produced the first Mr. Bungle album - check out his Naked City). I like the flow of "Pranzo" - a lot.

The album is about food. Apparently it's based on a futuristic cookbook written some years back, complete with a recipe for each song. Patton chews and does voice/ sound effects while the other guys provide the entertaining restaurant music. Good food with good music. Because "Pranzo" is more of a "concept" album, it takes some settling into - but surprisingly not much. The album overall is quite catchy and well done. My favorite track is I Rumori Nutrienti (Apertif in sound) - I can't hold back my love for Zorn of Winant, how can anyone? The whole album is great, and I don't bullshit. This one blows my mind. I can't give a higher recommendation than four stars, this gets all four. **** (Four Stars)

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